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Organizational Structure

The society will have two bodies :

  1. General Body
  2. Managing Committee (Governing Body)

General Body

  1. Formation: - The general body will consist of not less than 10 members.
  2. Meeting: - The general body will meet at least one in a year but in special case, this may be called whenever necessary with the permission of the Chairman/ President.
  3. Notice: - A fortnight notice will be essential for general body meeting. Under emergent circumstances, meeting be called by Secretary with the approval of the President in a week's notice.
  4. Quorum: 2/5th of the total members will be quorum of the meeting. In case of adjourned meeting, there will be no quorum.
  5. Annual Meeting: Annual meeting will be held in the 1st week of September/October every year
  6. Duties: To guide the society in fulfilling its objectives
    1. To decide policy matters as the case may be.
    2. To select members of Managing Committee.

Managing Committee (Governing Body)

a) Responsibilities and Duties

  1. The managing committee shall consist of not less than seven and not more than eleven members.
  2. The superintendence, control and direction of the affairs of the society, its income and property (both movable and immovable) shall be entrusted to the managing committee.
  3. The term of the managing committee shall be two years. A member whose term expires shall be eligible for re-election.
  4. There shall be a President, Secretary and a Joint Secretary of the managing committee, who shall not be in the same capacity for the society. However, if necessary, for any of its function of the managing committee may identify any member and give him appropriate designation and allowances if necessary.
  5. The members of the managing committee shall unanimously elect a president and a secretary and a joint secretary from amongst themselves and in case unanimity is not possible by a majority of votes. The period of the president shall be in accordance with terms of his membership or two years, whichever is less. If the president devotes his full time to work for the society he will be entitled to draw an appropriate honorarium or allowance as sanctioned by the managing committee.
  6. The Secretary/ Joint Secretary shall be honorary worker. If he is a full time worker, he will be entitled to an appropriate amount or salary as decided by the managing committee.

b) Meeting

The managing committee shall ordinarily meet once in every six months provided that the president may, where he thinks or on written request of not less than tow members may call a special meeting of the managing committee.

c) Notice

The notice of the meeting shall be given at least fifteen days ahead but in special circumstance, the secretary with the consent of the president will have power to call the meeting by giving two days' notice.

d) Duties

  1. The managing committee will be competent to raise funds and purchase property (movable or immovable) as decided by it.
  2. The managing committee shall have full charge of all immovable property (ies) belonging to or vested in the society in such a manner as it thinks fit and these will be handled through the secretary or ass decided by the managing committee.
  3. The managing committee shall be competent to invest the funds in the manner it likes and it shall be competent to borrow or mortgage or hypothecate the property (ies) on behalf of the society and these too shall be handled through the secretary or as decided by the managing committee.

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