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Message from Dr. J. S. Surpure

Children will always require care for sudden illness and unexpected injuries,The required care is same everywhere in all the countries.Children are our most precious resources .One can imagine the Impact by understanding that a child's survival in a single instance contributes sixty  or more years to the society.As child advocates we have enormous task of educating health professionals to the needs of these children Through STEP and IAP  we have started this process  Since the inception of STEP we have made progress in some areas , however lot needs to be done .In my view, In emergencies particularly in rural areas, the care is provided by non pediatricians . As such  , we should direct our efforts to train all providers at  all levels including nurses and school teachers .A short course with basic didactic and practical workshop can achieve this.Fortunately  India has  a fine network of primary health centers and health professionals .With proper planning and innovative ideas,it is possible to use existing resources and train all of them .As concerned child advocates ,we all should join together in this exciting venture.We should accept this challenge and become a prominent force in emergency/. Trauma care at basic broad base level.I  am delighted to be part of STEP and their mission .for welfare of children and offer best wishes and success.

Jagannath Surpure
MD FAAP Emeritus, FACEP Emeritus ,Medical director.
Children's Urgent Care Centers,
Clinical Professor Of Pediatrics University Of Nevada School Of Medicine Las Vegas  USA

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